What Diet Is Best For You?

9B24AB6B-EB17-4444-AF59-23225DBAD7B7Each and every individual has different nutritional needs. No one person has the same body type, nor do they have the same deficiencies. A diet that works for one person may not work for the other. There are so many diets out there, but will that diet work for you? Does it supply your body with the nutrients it needs? “The diet that is best is the one that meets your nutritional needs. The one that supplies your body with what it lacks”!

There are many trainers (not all) that create a diet plan that is given to all their clients and there are individuals who follow a fad diet. Unfortunately, each individual is different and requires a diet plan that is tailored to their needs.

We tend to follow the trend which is fad diets that are popular at the time such as; The Keto Diet, South Beach Diet, Ab Diet etc….. The problem with these diets is that they tend to cut out foods our bodies need. If you are not taking in the right nutrients or not enough of them due to the restrictions of fad diets, you put yourself at risk for nutritional deficiencies which can cause health issues. “Confusion about nutrition is the very reason fad diets exist. If we all knew how to eat, there would be no need for diet books” (Downs, M. 2005-2019). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the fad diets that are out on the market. I’m against diets that do not meet the nutritional needs our bodies require and must have.

As stated by The Health Science Academy (2019);

“Everyone will have different needs when it comes to”

  • Nutrient Needs: depending on people’s diet AND their genes, they may have different deficiency risks. 
  • Food Quality + Quantity: everyone’s preference and tolerance are different here. Their Eating Frequency: habits die hard and people are bound to eat the way that fits their busy schedule. You must adapt. 
  • Food Types They Need: we all have certain food types that are extra good for us based on our current health, genes, and diet. 
  • Food Combos They Like: you may know the exact foods they need to eat but can you combo them in a way they’ll like to eat them? 
  • Meal Ideas You Can Give Them: this is considering their cooking skills, equipment, tastes.
  • Shopping Lists to Create: depending on where they live

Financial situation: what can one afford, how much can they spend. This is a factor to take into consideration. 

Read more: https://thehealthsciencesacademy.org

Source: © The Health Sciences Academy ®. All Rights Reserved.

Your diet plan should be personalized furthermore, tailored to meet your nutritional needs.  It’s about being healthy and supplying your body with what it needs to sustain optimal health. Each individual is different therefore, their diet plan/nutritional program should differ from another’s allowing one to achieve and meet their goals.


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