Clean Beauty

How To Make Your Makeup Collection Clean

Keep makeup collection clean

From food to beauty, lots of women are becoming more mindful of what they put in and on their bodies. Making the change to ‘clean’ products may be trendy right now, but this isn’t just a passing fad you should consider taking advantage of. Our bodies absorb 60%of the products we put on our skin. Choosing products that are not only less harmful to the environment, but also non toxic to you will have undeniable long-term benefits.

Now I know you’re probably thinking it’s impossible to find “clean” beauty products that are just effective as the ones you’re currently using, but that’s no longer the case. Tons of beauty brands are now making amazing non-toxic skincare and makeup products that still do the job. 

Making the switch to “clean beauty”, here’s how;

1. Read the ingredient labels. 

Like food, makeup and skincare products have the ingredients listed on the packaging. To make sure your products are non-toxic, make sure to avoid ingredients such as parabens, petrolatum, and coal tar dyes. Just because a product is labeled natural/organic does not mean it is free of harmful chemicals. Always read the ingredients and If you do not understand or recognize the ingredients listed, it is recommended that you do not purchase the product. Educate yourself on what sorts of ingredients you want to avoid, more so what ingredients you prefer in your beauty products. Do your research! 

2. Find go-to brands. 

There are a lot of brands that strictly make “clean” beauty products, so you never have to worry about checking the ingredients when you shop. Juice Beauty, RMS Beauty, Lawless Beauty, Ilia, W3ll People, and Tata Harper Skin Care are brands you can always count on.

3. Use an app. 

If you are unsure about certain products, download the GoodGuide app. Simply scan the barcode of your product and the app will rate how safe the product is and flag any harmful ingredients.

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